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Samantha, at just a few weeks

Troika #35 Happy Birthtape!

01 Jul 2019

Troika 34 voice

Troika 34: Voice

25 Mar 2019

Oystercatcher studies made in Procreate on the iPad

Oystercatcher studies

24 Mar 2019

Great White Egret skulking in the reeds at Rushy Common

Birds of Rushy Common: Great White Egret

20 Mar 2019

Peregrine Falcon perched on a Pylon at sunset

Birds of Rushy Common: Peregrine Falcon

20 Mar 2019

Painting of a Great Backed Gull at Rushy Common

Birds of Rushy Common: Great Black Backed Gull

20 Mar 2019

Troika #33: Endings

18 Feb 2019

Identity Design discussion on Elastic Brand podcast

23 Jan 2019

2018 iPad Pro and Pencil

Using the iPad Pro as my main computer

07 Jan 2019

Instagram 10 Jul 2019

Instagram 10 Jul 2019

Instagram 06 Jul 2019

Great start to the holiday, car failed it’s MOT and no time to fix it before we go. How to get 4 adults and a dog to Glasgow? Much frantic calling round rental companies, and we finally find an MPV we can rent for £lots so that the holiday can continue. Every place we tried had nothing, but thankfully Enterprise had this van thing! I quite like it, especially as you can chuck bikes in the back 😍

Instagram 04 Jul 2019

Instagram 02 Jul 2019

Happy Birthday to our daughter Samantha, who is 18 today! I’ve made a special episode of Troika for her - link in the bio! 🎉🎂

Instagram 01 Jul 2019

Prom night, and the joy of seeing my son and his great group of friends looking so dapper. 🤵

Instagram 20 Jun 2019

Instagram 14 Jun 2019

Olive making a weird clucking sound while sleeping…

Instagram 09 Jun 2019

Instagram 09 Jun 2019

Gin Festival at Oxford Town Hall 🍹

Hicks' top albums of 2019

Hicks' top albums of 2018

22 Dec 2018

Hicks Studio Clearout!

17 Dec 2018

New Identity for iHasco

13 Nov 2018

Our final Inktober of 2018 was a joint effort

Leigh and Jon did Inktober

01 Nov 2018

We are Oxvik

15 Oct 2018

Hicks Logo wall preview

The Hicks Logowall

05 Oct 2018

Birding at Rushy Common

Hiding Away

16 Sep 2018

Biro sketch of Lauzerte

23 Aug 2018

Firefox Identity Project

21 Aug 2018

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