05 Oct 2010

I buy an awful lot of iPhone apps that don’t get used past the first couple of days, but that’s not the case for Captio.

Here’s the scenario. My email inbox is full of stuff to do, so when I need to remind myself to do something I would often email myself a note. It’s where my attention is a lot of the time. Doing this involves the following steps on my iPhone:

  1. Lauch Mail
  2. Press ‘New Message’
  3. Start typing email address to get mine to pop up
  4. Choose email addresss
  5. Press on the Subject field
  6. Type note
  7. Send

Enter Captio where the steps are reduced to just:

  1. Launch Captio
  2. Type note
  3. Send

The lack of friction is the key here. Anytime that thought of “I must remember to do X tomorrow” pops into my head, I do those 3 simple steps and I’m done. Then once in my inbox I have them anywhere, and can apply mail rules/filters to them to help flag them as to-dos.

All I need now is a desktop version. Hint. Hint.

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