Horror Head

09 Mar 2007

This is my first (and possibly last) posting of a YouTube video, but I couldn’t resist this one. Watching this brought back such fond memories of the summer of 1992, between my first and second years studying wildlife illustration. Crikey, thats 15 years ago! I guess that means its dewy-eyed nostalgia from now on then?

It’s one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands, ‘Horror Head’ by Curve. They influenced many – Garbage certainly made a tidy living out of a cleaned up version of the Curve sound. Alas, as with all good things, they come to an end, and after an on-off career, Curve finally called it a day in 2005. For real this time.

So a big thankyou to cbby21 for posting this, and making me very happy…

P.S Does anyone know what became of Toni Halliday? Information on Dean is plentiful, but all I find about Toni was that she sang with The Killers on a Christmas track called A Great Big Sled.

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    Lichen Time™️ 🤟

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    Goodbye Coco, you were a marvellous GP 😞

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    The Clientele with @corinpilling at the Scala last night were mesmerising! It also made me realise how great a guitarist Alasdair MacLean is!

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    Must. Push. Button.

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    Dinner in the Oxford’s. Happy Mother’s Day @hicksleigh! (It was the best one of Dan - honest)

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    She didn’t have a clue

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