iPad Pro Magic Keyboard thoughts

05 May 2020

Now that I’ve had the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro for almost 2 weeks I just wanted to write down my thoughts (I’m using the 12.9” model with my 2018 generation iPad Pro).

I wasn’t sure whether I would keep or return during the 14 day period – was it worth the money? Let’s start with the Pros, as there are many!

The cons are fewer, but there are some:


The Magic Keyboard transforms the way I use the iPad – I’m using the iPad more than ever now that I’ve got this. Back in February I said that only two things were an issue with using the iPad long term – ergonomics and software limitations. With the changes Apple made in iPadOS 13.4 to support proper use of an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad it mostly solves the first one. Once the OS makes full use of an external monitor (not just mirrored with black bars) I can tick that one off completely. Even Figma is now useable on iPad (to a degree, but to a much greater degree than it did a few months ago). Times have changed.

If you want the iPad to feel like a laptop, this is currently the best way to do it. You could question what the point is in it being a touch device – what’s the advantage over a MacBook? It’s also not perfect, especially when you consider the high, high cost with the bulk and lack of angle adjustability problems. Part of me wants to return this bulky thing, and go back to just using my iPad as just a drawing tool, and a laptop for everything else. Despite this, I can’t stop using it. I want to type on that lovely keyboard.

So, I ended up keeping it, but I do think Apple could’ve made this lighter and thinner for the price. Now the floodgates will be open to third-parties making their own solution – hopefully one that is cheaper, thinner and more adjustable. The Logitech Combo Touch case is already two out of that three.


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