Identity for Mace and Menter

01 May 2014

Anthony Mace and Sam Menter are the User Experience and Research partnership Mace & Menter. Hicksdesign were commissioned to create their first identity, comprising of logo, brand colours, stationery and simple one page website. As their budget was very limited, Hicksdesign helped Mace and Menter setup templates for their proposals and reports using Google Documents, and selected a suitable brand typeface from Google Fonts - Lato was ideal for their purpose.

The style is inspired by their customer journey maps, featuring handwritten post-it notes and diagrams of paths the user could take. Here are the early iterations:

As the logo progressed the ampersand became integrated into the user path diagram:

This was then simplified into the single fluid path of the final logo. The clients were very keen on a handwritten style for the logotype, and this fitted the user journey diagram idea well. A larger budget would've allowed for a custom script to be designed, but I chose to render it in Galaxie Cassiopeia which is a superbly individual script font. The ampersand wordmark is then used for smaller contexts, such as the favicon.

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