Unni Løvlid

14 Oct 2010

Last night some friends of ours in Oxford took us out to see a Norwegian singer called Unni Løvlid at the Warneford Chapel (above). I had no prior knowledge of her work, but I already have a thing about female scandinavian singers (such as the Trio Mediaeval).

What an amazing concert! Performing primarily with her ethereal voice, she occasionally used a little electronic box to add an extra layer of her pre-recorded voice or the sound of the northern lights. Add to that the acoustics of the chapel, and you get a thoroughly enthralling sound.

Unni has 4 albums out, available via outlets like iTunes, but be aware that you’d be missing out on the gorgeous CD artwork, particularly on the Rite album. She is performing some more dates in the UK in even more esoteric locations, such as Brighton Sewers and Fishbourne Roman Palace.

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