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Dr Who Season 4

5th April is the confirmed date for the new season of Dr Who! Mixture of excitement and worry about this one – I don’t know anyone who thinks ‘Donna Noble’ is a good idea, but then I though that about Billie Piper, and how wrong I was.

On YouTube you can see the cinema trailer that doesn’t appear on telly until 29th March. It features interesting spoilers and not too many ‘running away from explosions’ shots:

As I did last year, I’m putting together a subscribable calendar for the new season. So far, not a huge deal of information is known, but in some cases there are at least suggested titles. You can subscribe to the Dr Who Season 4 Calendar right now, and as I find out more, I’ll update it.

What we do know about this series is:

  • Return of the Sontarans (played by Mike from the The Young Ones). Yay!
  • Agatha Christie!
  • Pompeii!
  • David Troughton and a mysterious library! It’s a 2 parter written by Steven Moffat, so you know that at least this one will be good.
  • Big 3 part finale with Martha, Rose, Sarah Jane and Captain Jack. It sounds overblown, but I hope I’m wrong.

Hopefully they’ll give Dalek Caan a rest this year, bless im.

Doctor Who Season 3 iCal

I’ve been looking for a public calendar to subscribe to for Dr Who Season 3, but can’t find one. So, I made one on Google Calendar instead. I’ll try and make sure the broadcast times are kept up to date!

If anyone knows of a service that creates iCal feeds based on a search for a TV Show, I’d love to hear about it! It’s something that Ben Ward blogged about on backstage.bbc.co.uk but so far I’ve not seen anything more than the RadioTimes saved favourites function. With all these startups, surely someone has dreamed up a ‘watchr’ service? Or is UK TV schedules data only accessible via screen scraping?