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Mew - Satellites

03 Feb 2015

Mew are back! YIPEEE!!!

Bill Calahan sings "Small Plane" in a Serene City

12 Sep 2013

Bill Callahan Sings ‘Small Plane’ In A Serene City from NPR Music on Vimeo.

Take a few minutes from your busy lives, find somewhere quiet, and immerse yourself in this wonderful live performance by Bill Calahan in a community garden in New York. It’s good for the soul is what it is!

Star Trek Alternate Opening Titles

18 Jun 2012

This animation is an homage to one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi television shows ever to beam down to Earth. Our goal was to try and capture the essence of what we found most enjoyable from the series for building this faux opening to this classic show.

Just superb!

The Bicycle Cap

10 Jun 2011

Here’s a lovely little film for your Friday pleasure. With a distinctly Wes Anderson feel about it, it tells the story of what happens when a bicycle and a sewing machine get together!

Rapha Films

23 May 2011

Recently, my favourite place to spend time on the internets has been the Rapha Films channel on Vimeo. These high quality short films are not only inspiring and enthusing, but beautifully shot, edited and scored too.

It all started with their Rapha & Paul Smith promo video:

Which was followed up by ‘City Riding’ (both featuring the can’t-help-but-want-to-imitate Cole Maness):

Then there is Rapha California, which if you ignore the anti-helmet sentiment, is brimming with atmosphere:

All three directed by Ben Ingham, with brilliant sound design by Soundfly.

I could go on, embedding just about every video they’ve uploaded, but instead, I’ll mention 3 more. Two Broad Arrows a short film inspired by the life of Sean Kelly, Rapha Rides Monti Pallidi and the Tour of California series, starting here. If you’re a cyclist then you’ll no doubt already be aware of these films, but worth highlighting for anyone who hasn’t.

The Vimeo app for Boxee is currently crashing on me a lot, so I’ve been watching these on Apple TV via Couchsurfer (yes you can Airplay from iOS too). It would be great if Apple could open up apps for Apple TV and get the same slick experience that YouTube videos and Podcasts get.

Volkswagen: The Force

08 Feb 2011

Chances are that this advert is already old news to you, but it’s just too good not to post!

Drink Tea (for the Love of God!)

29 Jun 2010

This uplifting ditty and accompanying Python-esque video about my favourite refreshment was Kula Shaker‘s free Christmas single from 2007!

We wanted George Orwell for the narration, not just because he was a T.O.F.F., but because he actually wrote a very serious article for the Times newspaper in the 1940’s about how to make a perfect cup of tea. Whilst we don’t agree completely with his rather rigid, and to be honest, quite dogmatic creed of ‘no sugar’, we still admire his pioneering work as a social prophet and old skool tea drinker. Good old George.

Good on you chaps!

Orbital's cover of the Dr Who theme, this time with Matt Smith!

28 Jun 2010

I just died and went to heaven.

See Fernando

10 Jul 2009

Jenny Lewis “See Fernando” from Team G on Vimeo.

Jenny Lewis’s latest video is an irresistible parody of 60’s spy TV. It’s so well done, I had to share!

How the Day Sounds

23 Jan 2009

Cabel Sasser: Coda Confidential

02 Apr 2008

I spent a thoroughly fulfilling hour last night watching Cabel Sasser’s presentation for C4 on how Panic started, developing my favourite tool Coda, and generally interface and icon design. I’ve never heard Cabel talk before, although I got an impression of his voice from his blog, but the reality was better than I had imagined.

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