DuckDuckGo Illustrations

Client: DuckDuckGo

Hicksdesign created a series of illustrations for DuckDuckGo – tellling the story of the alternative search engine’s unique privacy features. Working with the design team, we developed some quirky takes on the concepts; a lab creature burning documents (they don’t store personal information), a ghost chasing a runner (they don’t follow you around with ads) and someone’s private bath time being watched (they don’t track in or out of private browsing).

The workflow for these was sketching ideas on the iPad Pro with Pencil, and then taking the sketch into Illustrator for the final render. Sketching on the iPad makes it quick to try different versions of a sketch, but also helps refine the ideas. I just keep drawing, erasing, tracing, refining in a way that would be much harder to do on paper.

These illustrations were then enhanced with simple looping CSS animations to give them some life.